The Psychadelia art movement was especially prominent during the 1960’s and 1970’s. During this time, the baby boomers had all become young adults who were living in a time full of social and political issues that they started to fight against. They were free thinkers who believed in personal expression, nonconformity and sexual freedom. They also believed that Vietnam was unnecessary, civil rights were important, and that the use and threat of nuclear warfare was unacceptable. This movement affected almost every aspect of life during this time. It changed music, philosophy, literature, the way people dressed and spoke, and the way art was made. As far as graphic design goes, there were a surplus of graphic designers coming out of L.A. who were designing very interesting band posters. The music of this time was heavily influenced by the use of drugs, and the posters mirrored that effect as well. Art nouveau inspired the melting and moving hand
drawn typefaces, the extreme vibrating color combinations, and the shapes created in the design.

This movement is still somewhat popular today, as retro trends tend to happen in our youth. The use of computers to project abstract psychadelic colors onto the stages of rock concerts is commonly used in music festivals, and even the melting type is used on occasion. My image utilizes one psychadelic type face overlaid with a psychadelic design.



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